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Online Enrichment Activities for 9th - 12th Grade

IXL Learning Link

IXL Learning

Forestburg ISD purchased IXL learning for 2nd grade and up.  They need to log in with their Google credentials for teachers to keep track of their learning progress.  Alternatively, for a limited time parents can also create a free account for their children.

Grades 2-4:  Math, ELA, and Science
Grades 5-8: Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies
Grades 9-12: Math and ELA.

Khan AcademyStudents can learn from experts who have created educational videos and practice opportunities on Khan Academy.  It’s totally free, a favorite tool of teacher’s to facilitate online learning in core subjects!  Check it out.  Click on the icon to the left.   Ready… Set….Engage! linkLearn to code! offers quick 1 hour tutorials, and games they can play to learn the concepts of computer science.  Through block and snap coding, students will engage in a bunch of free and fun activities designed to complete a task.  Save someone from a monster!  Go through an obsticle course!  Build something!   

Link to freetypinggame.netPractice keyboarding by playing fun engaging games.  Type correct key sequence to kill zombies, race someone in a car, run an obstical course, or play a Space Invaders style game.   Game gets harder the longer you last!  Take quizzes to test your skills as well!  You can do all this for free.  

Ted Talks LinkListen to over 3,300 Ted Talks from experts talking about all sorts of subjects.  Listen to a subject that interests you.  Start with this one here on How Pandemics Spread.  Discuss it with a friend or family member.

career study linksCareer Paths


What is your next stop on your path to success?  Research colleges, technical schools, military branches or careers that you are interested in.

Use O Net Online  or Bureau of Labor and Statistics  to research your career paths.

Coronovirus Molecule

Chronicle the Coronavirus

Chronicle the changes you observe in your community, the country, and the world in response to Covid19 in a format of your choice.  Use Google Docs, Slides, Make a Video, etc.  Check out this assignment below:

Journaling about Covid19