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Board Meeting Agenda & Minutes

School Board

Agenda & Minutes


All School Board agendas and minutes from August through July of the current school year are accessible below. 

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Jason Briles, Superintendent



Notice of Regular Meeting

Board of Trustees

Forestburg Independent School District


November 27, 2023

3:45 P.M. in School Library

Agenda For School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) Meeting


Superintendent Report

  1. Review Minutes from previous meeting
  2. School Safety Updates
    1. Window film, Doors Fobbed, Playground fence, Candi’s window, SPED room door


Principals Report

  1. Communication
    1. ParentSquare
    2. Perception survey to be sent out
  2. Transportation, Pick-up, Drop-off


New Business

  1. Summer Meal Program
    1. Plan to send Waiver
    2. Letter to SHAC from School board
  2. Grant Opportunity for Wellness


Old Business

  1. None


Items for Next Meeting





Notice is hereby given of a meeting of the School Safety and Security Team of Forestburg ISD.  The  meeting will be held in the Library of the school located at 16346 FM 455, Forestburg, Texas 76239 on Monday, November 27, 2023.  The meeting will begin at 4:00pm.  The following items will be discussed:





  1. Sign In
  2. Call to order
  3.  Review Emergency Operations Plan as completed
  1. Shelter in place Severe Weather: 1 per year
  2. Fire: 2 per semester:  Fall is complete
  3. Lock down: 1 per semester:  Fall is complete
  4. Evacuation: 1 per year
  5. Shelter in place for hazardous materials: 1 per year
  6. Secure Drill:  1
  7. Active Threat Annex: 
  8. Hazardous Materials Annex
  9. Train Derailment Appendix - NA
  10. Severe Weather Annex

3.  Updates on safety requirements/upgrades (SPAT, Fencing, windows, doors)

  1.  Raptor and subs/employees
  2. What happens if power is out for doors

4.  Address any campus safety needs.  What can we do now to improve?

5.  Random safety inspections

6.  Adjourn

Jason Briles





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