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Summer 2021 Learning Ideas

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Below is a list of summer ideas to continue their growth in math and science as as well as learning for the fun of it. 


Summer Ideas to Maintain Learning



Practice your math facts.

Write the word form of numbers 1 - 1,000,000!

Count and Keep Money game: Give your child various coins. If they can count

 the money, they get to keep it!

Keep a Schedule: To reinforce time, have your child keep a schedule and tell

 them the times that you will need to be at various places.

Create real-world problem solving: To reinforce problem solving, use real objects

 from your home and create problems!



Go to a museum. We are fortunate in Fort Worth/Dallas/Metroplex to have

 amazing museums and a wonderful Aquarium.

Visit the Fort Worth/Dallas/Metroplex Zoos and go on a Nature Walk!

Take a road trip to the Fort Worth Stockyards!


Surf the Web! Below are a few kid friendly websites:


I hope everyone has a GREAT summer and has a lot of fun with family and friends. 


Mrs. Robinson